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Welcome to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa! As an academic advisor, you have the opportunity to impact the lives of the many students that you will come to know.

The Council of Academic Advisors, or CAA, has created this training manual for both new and experienced advisors to ensure a comprehensive, unified approach to academic advising here at UHM. The manual is self-guided and intended to complement the training provided by your department, college, or school.

As you proceed, know that developing advising excellence is an experiential journey, and you will hone your advising skills over time. This manual is a great starting point, and we hope it will orient and connect you to the campus-wide advising community.

Again, welcome to academic advising at UHM — we truly value the role you will play in helping our diverse student body succeed!

Module 1: Academic Advising & Higher EducationTake Quiz
Module 2: Legal and Ethical Matters, FERPA, & Title IXTake Quiz
Module 3: UH & UHMTake Quiz
Module 4: Advising at UHMTake Quiz
Module 5: Advising SkillsTake Quiz
Module 6: Essential Tools & ResourcesTake Quiz
Module 7: Policy, Procedures, & FormsTake Quiz
Module 8: Admissions, Transferring, & ArticulationTake Quiz
Module 9: Student RecordsTake Quiz
Module 10: Academic Planning
Module 11: RegistrationTake Quiz
Module 12: Academic Progress: Tracking, Academic Actions, & Grad ActionsTake Quiz
Module 13: AssessmentTake Quiz
Module 14: Veterans & Service MembersTake Quiz
Module 15: Professional DevelopmentQuiz coming soon!
Module 16: Hawai'i 101