betway吧:Guide to Registration

必威 This website will help you through the registration process. For specific dates and deadlines, refer to the current Academic Calendar.

Students are officially notified of important information and policies (e.g., the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA], Nondiscrimination Policy, Graduation and Persistence Rates, and the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report) that are linked from this website.

This guide was prepared to provide information and does not constitute a contract. The University reserves the right to change or delete, supplement, or otherwise amend at any time and without prior notice the information, requirements, and policies contained in this guide.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

Academic Calendar*
Registration Timetable*
Final Exam Schedule*

Prepare to Register

MyUH Services (login)
  Get Started with MyUH
STAR for Students (login)
UH Username and UH Number
Clearing Holds
Reviewing Course Restrictions and Prerequisites
Check Class Availability* (course offerings)
Placement Exams*
Undergraduate General Education Requirements
Bachelor Degree Program Sheets
Campus Map

Registration Help

Registration Help (Who should I contact?)
Colleges and Schools
Error Messages & Overrides
Override Codes

How to Register

Registration Step-by-Step
UH Employee Registration
  STAR Help Book
Maximum Credit Load

Class Attendance

Automatic Withdrawal (no show)
Attending Class
Cancelled Classes
If You Do Not Enroll in Mānoa Classes

Change My Classes

Add Courses
Drop Courses
Switch Sections
Change Grading Options
  Audit a Course
Change Credits for a Variable Credit Course
Payment/Refund Information
Withdrawing from UH Manoa
Leave of Absence
Readmission to UH Mānoa

Make a Payment

Tuition & Fees*
Course Fees
Paying Your Bill
Payment Plan*
Payment Deadlines*
Refunds and Sign up for eRefund*
Mail-In Payment Remittance Form
Holds (financial obligations)
Education Tax Credits (1098-T)


Add Form
Audit Approval
Drop Form

Campus Services

Campus Center Ticket, Information & ID Office (ID validation, University bus pass)
Career and Student Employment (includes off-campus employment)
Cashier’s Office
Commencement Exercise
Commuter Services (parking)
Department of Public Safety
Financial Aid Services
Graduate Division (classified graduate and post-baccalaureate unclassified students)
Health Services
Housing Services (includes off-campus housing)
International Student Services
KOKUA Program (disability services)
Outreach College (extension courses and summer sessions)
Residency Determination (tuition status)
Transfer Credit Database
Undergraduate Admissions

Registrar’s Office Services

Enrollment Verification (loan deferment)
Grade Reports
Graduation Information
Transcripts (request official transcript)
Update Your Information (address and name changes)
Veterans’ Educational Benefits

Official Notices

Annual Security & Fire Safety Report (2018)
Disability Access
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Graduation and Persistence Rates
Nondiscrimination Policy
Student Conduct Code and Academic Grievance
Voter Registration & Permanent Absentee Form

*Updated each semester
Fall registration – check back in April
Spring registration – check back in November