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betway必威苹果:A new voyage of rediscovery

This summer, 13 Hawaiian undergraduate and doctoral students followed in the paths of their kupuna – a path leading to the world abroad.

They were part of NHSS’ Hawaiian Youths Abroad Program, modeled after a Kingdom of Hawaii program of the same name from 1880 and 1892. In that time period, 18 Hawaiians were sent to study in Italy, Scotland, England, China, Japan, and the United States. The 17 young men and 1 young woman were selected by King Kalākaua’s Hawaiian Kingdom Foreign Affairs office to become future leaders of an independent and progressive nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom.

In Versailles on Bastille Day (July 14)

The students and NHSS staff have compiled a detailed blog post of their huaka‘i on the NHSS website. Check it out, and we look forward to more.

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